Analects 6:27

Confucius said

Though the chung yung has supreme te, the people seldom follow it for long.

The highest goodness is to hold fast the golden mean. Amongst the people it has long been rare. H

How far-reaching is the moral excellence that flows from the Constant Mean! It has for a long time been rare among the people. J

Perfect is the virtue which is according to the Constant Mean! Rare for a long time has been its practice among the people. L

That virtue is perfect which adheres to a constant mean. It has long been rare amongst men. G


In his person and actions, the chun tzu follows what is yi in each situation based on all variables and amidst all variations, in order to be in harmony with the whole tao and advance his jen.

He aims to maintain this without falling short or surpassing it, and does not try to escape one extreme by going to the opposite extreme.

Li is what establishes the chung yung.