Analects 13:19

Fan Chih asked about jen.

Confucius said: Be respectful to yourself, reverently attentive to what you do, and chung in your interpersonal interaction. Even among barbarians, do not neglect these qualities.

Fan Ch’ih asked about perfect virtue.

The Master said, “It is, in retirement, to be sedately grave; in the management of business, to be reverently attentive; in intercourse with others, to be strictly sincere. Though a man go among rude, uncultivated tribes, these qualities may not be neglected.” L*

Fan Chih asked a question about moral virtue.

The Master said: “In private life, show self-respect; in the management of affairs, be attentive and thorough; in your dealings with others, be honest and conscientious. Never abandon these prin­ciples, even among savages.” G