Tibetan Proverbs

Who can say for sure that one will live to see tomorrow.

Landing a single punch on your enemies nose is more satisfying than hearing well-intentioned advice from your elders.

The person who gets stuck on trivial prosperity will not attain great prosperity.

With a resolute heart, a mouse can lift an elephant.

Spreading the news is also multiplying it.

The wise pursue understanding; fools follow the reports of others.

If your inner mind isnít deceived, your outer actions wonít be wrong.

Knowing just one word of wisdom is like knowing a hundred ordinary words.

A Collection of Wisdom - Quotes and Proverbs

Tibet is an independent part of China. It is filled with many high mountains, including part of the Himalayas mountain chain. Tibet is a very cold region, and not very good for farming.

Tibetans derive from tribal people who have been mixed with neighboring cultures like Chinese and Mongolian people. The regionís official language is Tibetan. There are about two million Tibetans in Tibet, and three million more Tibetans living in other regions of China.

Themes of Tibet include Tibetan Buddhism (which is headed by a spiritual leader known as the Dalai Lama), yoga, cold temperatures, dumo heat (body heat generated by visualization and breathing exercises), tankas (scroll paintings), holy songs & dances, the symbolic use of white scarves, holy flags, barley (including barley flour and barley beer), vegetables, tea, festivals, monks, monasteries, temples, superstition, farming, herding, and handicrafts.