Singaporean / Malay Proverbs

Where there is a sea, there are pirates.

A given excuse that was not asked for implies guilt.

Clapping with only the right hand will not make a noise.

The person who can see a house in China is unaware of an elephant on his nose.

Incremental efforts have an impact as benefits accumulate.

Never take a quiet person for granted. He might have great qualities underneath his quiet nature.

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Singapore is one main island and sixty smaller islands, all located south of Malaysia. Many Singaporeans have Chinese ethnicity, and most others have Malay and Indian ethnicity.

Fisherman and pirates lived in Singapore for much of its early history. The region became part of several nearby empires beginning in the 1300s, and was then controlled by the Portuguese beginning in the 1500s, the Dutch beginning in the 1600s, and the British from 1819 until Singapore gained independence in the mid 1900s. The country’s official languages include Malay, Chinese, English, and Tamil.

Themes of Singapore include cleanliness, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Confucianism, hot temperatures, agriculture, international trade & finance, petroleum, music, art, and drama.