Rodney Ohebsion

Comedy Scripts

Animated Sitcom Spec Scripts

Family Guy - "More Money, More Funny" - Quagmire plays in the World Series of Poker; Stewie becomes a stand up comedian

The Simpsons - "Illuminati and Cheese" - Lenny becomes a conspiracy theorist

Animated Sitcom Pilot Scripts

LeMontay - An animated comedy about a conceited rapper, his two best friends, his girlfriend, and his "talking" cat Leonardo. The main character is based loosely on Kanye West. In the pilot episode, LeMontay puts out a movie, and doesn't quite get the reaction he was looking for.

Cal and Grady - A series about the bizarre adventures of Matthew McConaughey's moronic pool cleaners, both of whom live at the home of a racist 80 year old woman. In the pilot episode, Cal and Grady try to figure out how a dead person ended up in their backyard.

Al - A parody of Batman (primarily the 1960s TV series), Bill Burr's podcast, and Louie (the FX sitcom). The main character Al (based loosely on Bill Burr) is a relatively unknown Boston (or Boston-like city) comedian who lives with his longtime girlfriend Melanie. Al also has a not-so-secret identity as the whiskey drinking, bus riding superhero Kangaroo Man, who, along with his sidekick Viper (based loosely on Robin the Boy Wonder), goes on some sort of Batman type mission in every episode. In the case of this show, however, the superhero missions tend to have themes related to Al's various ignorant and conspiracy theory filled views. The pilot episode pits Al / Kangaroo Man and his sidekick Viper against the cable company.

Triplets - A foul-mouthed plumber and his zany wife live with their ten year old triplets: an ambitious boy named Xander, a bookish girl named Madeline, and their energetic sister Savannah. In the pilot episode, Xander tries to become a professional leg waxer by following the examples of Jackie Robinson and Steve Jobs.

Live Action Sitcom Pilot Scripts

The Confederacy - A sitcom set in a version of America where the Confederacy defeated the Union. The series is centered around President Leanne Johnson, as well as her niece who lives in a city near the nation's capital. Keep in mind that this show is just silly, ridiculous over-the-top fun. It's not quite a satire, but it has a satirical feel. In the pilot episode, a group of people protest the 39th Amendment, which prohibits soccer from being played in the Confederacy.

Movie Scripts

Quadruple A - A Spoof / Parody of the movie Straight Outta Compon