Polish Proverbs

If each person would sweep before his own house, the city would soon be clean.

Pray once if you are going to fight, pray twice if you are going to sail, and pray thrice if you are going to get married.

Better no doctor at all than three.

God promised me a fur coat, and I am already sweating.

The news of a good deed travels far, but the news of a bad one travels even farther.

Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse happens.

Do not push the river—it will flow by itself.

I’m human, and nothing that is human is strange to me.

A good run is better than a bad fight.

Truth can take you everywhere…including jail!

More Proverbs

Poland borders seven different countries as well as the Baltic Sea. It became a kingdom in the 900s. In the 1300s, it united with Lithuania, and soon expanded its territory and became a dominant European power.

Poland later gradually lost much of its territory. By the 1700s, it was split up among Russia, Prussia, and Austria; but the country was later united as a Russian territory in 1815.

Poland gained independence from Russia after WWI, but was then dominated by the Russians (Soviets) beginning the 1940s before once again gaining independence in 1989. Polish is the country’s official language.

Themes of Poland include Catholicism, potatoes, rye, literature, music, architecture, theatre, soccer, swimming, and boxer Andrew Golota.