New Zealand

New Zealand is a group of two large islands and several smaller ones. New Zealand is located in the middle of nowhere, far from virtually any other land whatsoever.

New Zealand was occupied in earlier times by Polynesian Maori people who arrived there around 800 AD. European exploration in the 1600s caused the British to attempt to coloniolize New Zealand in the mid 1800s. Fighting persisted for decades between the native Maori and the British, and after a period of British dominion, New Zealand gradually became self-governed in the 1900s.

Most New Zealanders have European ancestry, while the Maori constitute about 10 percent of the population. Several minority groups also exist.

New Zealand themes include wood crafting, music, dancing, rugby, meat (especially sheep), seafood, vegetables, dairy foods, restaurants, legendary writer Katherine Mansfield, legendary climber Sir Edmund Hillary, yachting, and a recent movement to preserve Maori culture.

New Zealander Proverbs

A house full of people is filled with different points of view.

Donít spend time with people who donít respect you.

A little axe, when well used, brings lots of food.

Can I pull down the sun with a forked stick, or prevent it from running its course?

Walk in the valley of our ancestors, learn of the history, and marvel at the beauty.

There is more than one way to achieve a goal.

Take time to enjoy lifeís roses.

Persist as tenaciously as you persist in eating.

Survival is the treasured goal.