Nepalese Proverbs

It is the mind that wins or loses.

Wealth is both an enemy and a friend.

To take revenge on an enemy, give him an elephant—first he must thank you for the gift, and then the elephant’s appetite will deplete your enemy’s resources.

If you only depend on others, you will soon go hungry.

Opportunities come, but do not linger.

More Proverbs

Nepal is a highly isolated and mountainous country (it includes part of the Himalayas mountain chain), and the site of most “abominable snowman” accounts. The Nepalese ancestry is traced to groups such as the Tibetans, the native Newars, and to Indo-Aryan people who migrated from India. Nepali is the main language of Nepal.

Themes of Nepal include Buddhism, Hinduism, rice, timber, sculptures, architecture, paintings, poetry, music, and dancing.