Myanmar / Burma

Much of Myanmarís population lives near the Irrawaddy River. The country is filled with forests, swamps, and mountains. Of the 40 million people living in Myanmar, most derive from people who migrated from China around 0 AD.

The nation of Myanmar is often referred to as Burma by English speakers. Burma is actually an ethic group in Myanmar that makes up the majority of the population. Burmese is the countryís official language. Myanmar was under British control for many years until gaining independence in the mid 1900s.

Themes of Myanmar include rice, tribal life, Buddhism, metal and gem mining, woodcarving, literature (particularly biographies), and poor sanitary conditions.

Myanmar / Burmese Proverbs

Sparrows who mimic peacocks are likely to break a thigh.

Excessive talk is sure to include errors.

The excessively kind-hearted person becomes a slave.

If you really want honesty, then donít ask questions you donít really want the answer to.

When it rains, collect the water.

Donít use up your arrows before you go to battle.

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