Malaysia is made of two parts: one in mainland Asia, and the other on the Borneo island. There are lots of mountains and rainforests in Malaysia. There are about 20 million people in the country, the majority of which are natives, and the rest (about one third) are mostly Chinese and Indian. Malaysia has been under Dutch, British, Chinese, and Japanese rule at various times, and became independent in the mid 1900s. The county has many languages, including the official national language of Bahasa Melayu.

Common themes of Malaysia include rice, hot and rainy climates, Islam, Indian cultural influences, and exporting raw materials.

Malaysian Proverbs

Do not be tricked into thinking that there are no crocodiles just because the water is still.

If you are too shy to ask, you might lose your way.

When you go away, the conversation changes.

Donít use an axe to embroider.

If you plant grass, you wonít get rice

No matter how big the whale is, a tiny harpoon can kill him.

To truly love your wife, leave her alone every once in a while.