Latin Proverbs

He who seeks a reason for everything subverts reason.

We are born; we die.

He that has time and looks for more, loses time.

He is wise to no purpose who is not wise for himself.

Every virtue is but half way between two vices.

A happy life consists in virtue.

Donít sing your triumph before you have conquered.

Toil is prayer.

The good hate to sin from love of virtue; the bad hate to sin from fear of punishment.

Some things are better praised by silence than remark.

It is necessary to risk something.

Danger can never be overcome without taking risks.

Self is the first object of charity.

A man should be religious but not superstitious.

Prudence is the charioteer of all virtue.

It is better to be always prepared than to suffer once.

If you desire peace, be ever prepared for war.

He labors in vain who tries to please everybody.

The office shows the man.

While we live, let us live.

You teach the dolphin to swim.

He who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

The hatred of knaves is preferable to their company.

A joke should not be carried too far.

Many will hate you if you love yourself.

Never descend to vulgarity, even in joking.

Attempt nothing beyond your strength.

He puts up with small annoyances to gain great results.

Every advantage has its disadvantage.

Advice is not a popular thing to give.

Times change, and we change with them.

The gods sell all things to hard labor.

There is no disputing about tastes.

You may drive Nature out with a pitchfork, but she will inevitably return.

Let the buyer beware.