A Collection of Wisdom: Proverbs

Kurdish Proverbs

Don’t throw away what will return against you.

A small key can open big doors.

Have meals with your friends, but don’t trade (do business) with them.

Be swift if you are a hammer; be patient if you are an anvil.

Give a man some cloth…and he’ll ask for some lining.

A good companion shortens the longest road.

You are as wise as your mind, not your years.

Dealing with yourself is harder than dealing with the rest of the world.

More Proverbs

Kurds are a distinct ethnic group living in parts of Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, and Syria. They speak a variation of Persian called Kurdish. In the pre 1900s, most Kurds lived in nomadic animal herding tribes. Today, they often have agricultural or other conventional lines of work.

Kurdish themes include Islam, mysticism, great fighting ability, and a legendary sultan named Saladin.