Huron Proverbs

Let your nature be known and expressed.

Listen to nature’s voice—it contains treasures for you.

Huron Quote

Deganawidah (1500s-1600s) Leader who helped found the Iroquois confederacy

A council fire shall be kindled for all the nations. It shall be lit for the Cherokee and the Wyandot. We will also kindle it for the seven nations living toward the sunrise, and for the nations that live toward the sunset. All shall receive the Great Law and labor together for the welfare of man.

Native American Wisdom

The Huron lived in villages near the St. Lawrence Rivers, and mainly practiced agriculture, with a secondary emphasis on hunting and fishing. The Huron had a very organized society, split into various levels of chiefs and groups that extended from local levels all the way to a council that headed the entire Huron nation. Most current day Huron live in Oklahoma.