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1/7/97 UPDATE- I changed my internet electronic mail ("electro-mail" a.k.a. "e-mail") address to

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MC Hammer Dancing C h o o s e your o w n b a c k g r o u n d color!

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I recommend for all of your online internet world wide web searches. To go to the internet web site on the internet's world wide web, Click on this blue hyperlink, which will take you to the internet web site.

04/05/98 UPDATE -- Apparently, there is this new online internet web site called, and some people think it might be more advanced than Excite. I vehemently disagree with that. But if you want to try the online internet web site called, please go to the top of your world wide web browser, and type in the world wide web address

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Next Time Won't You Sing With Me?

1/27/99 update: This world wide web site works best with Internet Explorer Version 0.71014. If you use Netscape Navigator Version 0.843223, MC Hammer's pants will be the wrong color.

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G e t t i n

J i g g y

W i t h

I t

Pump Up The Jam Lyrics

Pump up the jam, pump it up
While you feet are stompin'
And the jam is pumpin'

I don't want a place to stay
Get your booty on the floor tonight
Make my day

Make my day
Make my day
Make my day
Make my day

Pump up the jam, pump it
Pump it, pump it, pump it up
Pump it up

Make my day
Make my day
Make my, make my, make

REPEAT 173 times

Insert Text Here, You Idiot


Onement VI (Painting)

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- Quantum Physics is a Thing

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5/7/03 Update - For some reason, people seem to be migrating from Friendster to some Friendster clone called MySpace. LOL. Myspace? That sounds really stupid. As for me, I'm migrating from Friendster back to the original social networking web site,

Gilligan's Island - Gilligan Talking to the Skipper via a coconut phone

Number One Biscuit Importer An American flag waving in the wind

Ace is the place for me Snoop Doggy Dogg


4/4/04 UPDATE - MC Hammer is still dancing. MC Hammer Dancing

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World Wide Web ) - F**k all the commas, let's f**k up some commas n***a Forty thou to a hunned thou A hunned thou 'nother hunned thou F**k up the lumber, I'm hot like a sauna yeah The burner is on me, can't play with that money yeah Throw my cup yeah, I just bought my plug yeah Full of mud yeah, n***as full of them drugs yeah Fit it, critic, get it, hit it, run it, drill it, wet it, Iím in it, really Split it fifty-fifty. Audemar, yeah. Eighty on the watch, yeah Katy Perry yeah, servin' Katy Perry yeah

I code my web site by hand. I don't use Geocities.

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1/17/09 UPDATE - Obama is a communist. Impeach Obama.

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