A Collection of Wisdom: Proverbs

Guyanese Proverbs

Never shop for black cloth at nighttime.

Donít try to force your foot into every stocking.

Not all who go to church go there to pray.

Not all of a scholarís knowledge comes from what he learned from his teacher.

More Proverbs

Guyana is a small country that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a diverse population, most of whom speak a Guyanese Creole variation of English.

Originally inhabited by Native Americans, Guyana was colonized by the Dutch in the 1600s, who soon brought in African slaves to the region. Britain purchased the region in the 1800s and abolished slavery shortly later. Many Indian and Asian immigrants later came to the Guyana. In the late 1900s, Guyana became self-governed.

Guyanese themes include music, literature, art, festivals, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and cricket.