Canada is the world’s second largest country in land area (after Russia), although it has a medium sized population of 32 million people. The country has a wide variety of geographical features, including mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, plains, lowlands, and continental shields. Canadians have a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, although more than half of its people have British or French ancestry.

Native Americans and Intuit Eskimos first inhabited Canada until a wave of European explorers arrived there in the 1500s. France initially took over much of Canada, but France was soon involved in a longstanding rivalry with Britain over the region.

By the mid 1700s, Canada was under British rule, although people of both British and French ethnicities inhabited the area. In 1931, Canada became an equal partner of Britain, and in 1982, Canada became fully independent. Its official languages are English and French.

Canadian themes include cold weather, ice hockey, lacrosse, football, skiing, fishing, national parks, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, pro wrestling, literature, painting, music, ballet, Christianity, beer, actress Pamela Anderson, actor Jim Carrey, actor Mike Meyers, actor Michael J. Fox, media personality Tom Green, lumber, paper, and steel.

Canadian Proverbs

You can’t catch skunks with mice.

The devil places a pillow for a drunken man to fall upon.

Walk a mile in my moccasins to learn where they pinch.

When you talk about the sun, you will see her beams.

Do not yell “dinner” until your knife is in the loaf.

Canada is a country with two official languages and no official culture.

Through other people’s faults, wise men correct their own.