Belizean Proverbs

Donít hang your hat higher than you can reach.

Blood cannot be washed out with blood.

If a man gives you a basket to carry water, it means that he hates you.

Never drop the bone to catch the shadow.

There is no use in wiping your butt before you defecate.

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Belize is a small country with about 250,000 people, and contains a variety of ethnicities, as well as languages such as Creole, Spanish, English, and various Native American languages. Belize has lots of jungles, as well as mountains, swamps, and barrier reefs.

The country was originally inhabited primarily by the Native American Maya civilization. Upon European arrival, it became subject to battles over it by the British and Spanish in the 1600s and 1700s, and became known as British Honduras. Britain ruled Belize until it gained independence in the late 1900s

Themes of Belize include multiculturalism, music, corn, beans, stew, alcohol, and timber.