Basque Proverbs

Things used to be that way, now they’re this way, and who knows what they will be like later?

The sun shines the same on the good and the bad.

Before getting married, make sure you know what you’re doing

A strong attack is half the battle won.

The person who wants everything to be just right often gets closer to the opposite.

Others carry their faults up front—we carry ours behind our backs.

A small fountain quenches your thirst as well as a big one.

If you always tell the truth, you may lose your friends.

More people are threatened than beaten up.

A good listener needs few words.

Doing nothing and doing useless work are both the same thing

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The Basque are a group of people living mainly in France and Spain on land near the Bay of Biscay and Pyrenees Mountains. There are about one million Basque people in that region, while about 150,000 others live outside of Europe. Many Basque speak their own language, which is very different to other nearby European languages, and is possibly the oldest European language currently in existence.

Themes of the Basque include apples, fishing, cow and sheep herding, Catholicism, iron mining, and shipbuilding.