A Collection of Wisdom: Proverbs

Argentine Proverbs

The tongue that belongs to a fake friend is sharper than a knife.

What is greatly desired is not believed when it comes.

A dog that always barks gets little attention.

A man who develops himself is twice born.

One door is shut, but a thousand are open.

The person that learns well also defends himself well.

More Proverbs

Argentina is located in southern South America. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean, and along with its western neighbor Chile, it extends down to the southernmost region of South America. Argentina contains a wide variety of geographic features.

Historians are uncertain of Argentinaís early history, but by the 1500s, Spanish settlement began there, and by the late 1700s, the Argentinean city of Buenos Aires was the capital of Spainís Western Hemisphere colonies. By the early 1800s, Argentina became independent of Spain (although it did not have set boundaries until much later).

The Argentinean government has been subject to many changes in the last fifty years, including on-and-off leadership by the well known Peron family and its supporters. Most Argentineans have Spanish and other European ancestry.

Themes of Argentina include beef, gaucho (cowboy) culture, music, dancing, soccer (including legend Diego Maradona), polo, soap operas, wine, coffee, tea, and literature.