Arapaho Proverbs

All plants are our siblings. If we listen, we can hear them speaking.

If you wonder often, the gift of understanding will come.

May our thoughts reach the sky where there is holiness

Native American Wisdom

The Arapaho used to hunt on the Great Plains of North America. They lived in teepees and followed buffalo herds, which were their major source of food. They were constantly at war with other Indian tribes.

The Arapaho believed in a powerful spirit world. Many actions and objects had symbolic meaning for them, and they performed various rituals and religious ceremonies, most notably the sun dance.

When white settlers tried to take their land, the Arapaho attempted to fight them off, but in the 1860s they made peace agreements and moved to reservations. There are about 5,000 modern day Arapaho, most of whom live in Wyoming and Oklahoma.