A Collection of Wisdom: Proverbs

Afghanistan has a mix of mountainous regions, deserts, and agricultural areas. There are a variety of ethnic groups in the area due to numerous changes and influences throughout the years. At various times in its history, Afghanistan has also been part of the same Empires as India and Iran.

Afghanistan’s languages are Pashto and Dari (which are similar to Persian / Farsi). Most Afghans are farmers or nomadic farmers, while about 20% of the population lives in cities.

Some themes of Afghanistan include Islam, community bonds, extreme temperature variances, music, dancing, literature, art, a varied animal population (including many hound dogs), kite flying, shooting, wrestling, and buzkashi (a sport involving horsemen).

Afghan / Afghani Proverbs

In bad things be slow; in good things, be quick.

There is a path to the top of the highest mountain.

You stored your milk in a straining metal … and now you are complaining about bad luck?

There are twenty-five uncaught birds for a penny.

Everyone thinks his own thoughts are best.

You can use salt to prevent meat from rotting, but what will you use to prevent salt from rotting?

No rose is without thorns.

Community is not made by force.

The person who is cornered will fight.

In an ant colony, the dew is a flood.

What you see in yourself is what you see in the world.

The person who doesn’t appreciate the apple will not appreciate the orchard.

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