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Lakota Indian Culture

Learning From the Uneminent

Learning From Everyone, and Learning From Specific People 1

Kurt Warner didn't make it to the NFL until his late 20s--and he went on to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time

Everyone thought that IBM would make lots of money in the personal computer business. Instead, they made nothing, and Bill Gates made billions.

In the 1800s, Andrew Carnegie manufactured so much steel so cheaply, that he became the world's wealthiest person.


Frederick Douglass

How Edward House Manipulated the Mind of William Jennings Bryan

How Otto von Bismarck used a card game to gain an edge in international politics

The horse who could (supposedly) do math

In 1947, Major League Baseball was 0.2% African-American. That 0.2% was one man: Jackie Robinson.

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In ancient times, one region built an entire underground city capable of sustaining a large population.

Here's what we know about the ancient and extremely violent ball game ulama.

The New South China Mall is the largest mall in the world--and yet, for years it was 99% vacant.

Roberto Acuna describes life as a farm worker decades ago.

Arabian Prince on His Music Career and the History of Electro Funk

The Sega and Nintendo video game war

For several years, the country's two main pro wrestling organizations engaged in a TV ratings war. This war saw one company make it from a distant number two to a clear cut number one, only to pretty much go bankrupt just a few years later.

Socotra Island

A con artist who "sold" the Eiffel Tower

Michelangelo created a forged sculpture in order to get his career started.

The time Michelangelo appeared to take someone's advice, without actually taking it 1

Cameron Craig - What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple

The excessively luxurious chateau of Nicolas Fouquet

Placebos Work Even if You Know They're Fake: But How?

Social Contagion Theory

Henry Ford tried to build a Brazillian city in which he controlled every aspect the of residents' lives. The city, then known as Fordlandia, is now a ghost town. - Part Two

Ariel Knutson describes what she learned by working at a high end restaurant

Actor / comedian Nick Kroll describes his experiences on the sitcom Caveman

The completely out of control 1976 Republican convention

Twins June and Jennifer Gibbons developed their own language.

Oscar Hartzell kept up the same successful con for decades. Even after being convicted of fraud, he continued to run the scheme and generate lots of money. Part Two 2

The Development of Street Fighter 2 the Video Game

Mistakes Indonesians make when trying to speak English

George Westinghouse was not only an accomplished inventor and businessman, but also a good person.

Currency on the Island of Yap - Second Link

Basketball player Tim Duncan

A poem containing one of the world's earliest and most popular diet plans.

In 1518, a "dancing plague" overtook a certain region.

The Utah War 1

In 1973, a Lakota Indian group took over the city of Wounded Knee, South Dakota.


Direct arguments don't directly influence people

All about Richard Nixon's resignaton as President amidst the Watergate scandal

The Decline Effect

Smoking is good for you

The City of Villa Las Estrellas, Antarctica 2

Tristan da Cunha: Life on the World's Most Remote Island

Bhutanese Customs

An Oral History of the Steelers-Ravens Football Rivalry

Thomas Edison headed an organization that invented a great deal of the modern world.

Two examples of complete determination, and what they meant to insurance salesman RU Darby